The story of Kali she devil
May 09, 2016
Namo Buddhaya! May homage to the Blessed One, the Noble One, the Perfectly Enlightened One! 5th Stanza The story of the she-devil named Kali “Hatred is not quenched by hatred” In that time, when the Lord Buddha was staying in Jetawanaramaya in Savatti a young couple with a child lived happily in the same city. One day, the young mother saw a strange thing. Someone was standing near the cot in which the child was sleeping. It was a very dark person with large eyes and two protruding teeth. The mother became afraid that some danger would come to the child. She came running towards the child. Then she saw clearly that it was a she-devil. She laughed loudly and disappeared. She got close to the child and found that the child had died. The she-devil had sucked the child’s blood. The father and mother wept. Subsequently, they got another child. The she-devil once again killed the child. The parents felt very sad and wept at that time too. They got a child again. Mother and father were very much anxious about safety of the child. They could not understand as to what was happening. They looked after the child like a jewel. One day, the mother took the child to the bathing place. Having bathed and leaning the child on the river bank, she started bathing. She suddenly saw something like a black dot approaching. She realized the situation. “Oh, the Lord Buddha that devil is coming to grab my child.” She took the child and started running in screaming. People were watching in surprise. The mother was screaming and running along the road. The she-devil was gradually getting nearer to the mother. The mother went into Jetawanaramaya straight away. It was the luck of the mother and child. The Lord Buddha was in the preaching hall. The mother placed the child before the Lord Buddha. “Oh my Lord, please protect my child. She devoured two of my children earlier. She has come again to eat this child.” The she-devil did not enter the Jetawanaramaya. She stopped near the entrance. The Lord Buddha called her inside. She approached the Lord Buddha and sat on a side. “Oh she-devil listen to this stanza carefully and contemplate the meaning. You will then be able to get liberated from this sinful life. You should stop eating children at least from now on. Do not extend this hatred further. Understand this stanza clearly. Hatred will never cease by hating Hatred will cease by not hating When one is not hating, hatred will get quenched It is a truism that exists eternally. The she-devil started crying. Worshipped the Lord Buddha. The people who were present became curious. No one was able to understand as to what was taking place. The Lord Buddha explained an incident that took place a long time ago leading to a series of activities involving vengeance. This is not something that took place recently. A long time ago, this she-devil and the mother of the child were wives in the same family. It was in this city of Savatti. A rich person got married to a certain woman. But she did not bear children. His parents were very sorry about it. They started grumbling about the fact that the generation would disappear if there were no children. Ultimately, another woman was brought home. She was treated very well. The earlier wife became jealous of her. “Sister, I have no luck to bear children. If there are any signs of you getting a child, tell me. I will help you.” The second wife got pregnant in due course. She was very happy. She told everyone including the first wife about it. On hearing this, the first wife’s eyes became red, face became wide, and jealousy arose in her heart. She gave some medicine to kill the child secretly. Consequently, the unborn child died, but the mother escaped. No one was able to detect how it happened. Second wife became pregnant for the second time. She was very happy and told everyone. This time also, the first wife killed the child. This time everyone suspected the first wife. There were quarrels. After sometime, the second wife became pregnant again. This time she did not tell anyone. She was very careful. However, the cruel woman came to know the secret when the pregnant woman’s belly became big. Once again, the cruel woman gave poison to her secretly. The child died. As the child was fairly grown up at that time, the mother also became ill. The sorrow, pain and shock she experienced were immense. Her eyes got enlarged in anger. She started weeping and shouting. Started grinding her teeth and said “You wicked woman, beware. It was you who killed my earlier children also. This time, you killed both me and my child. I will take revenge from you in future births. I will kill your children and you. I will definitely kill you.” She died promising to revenge the first wife. Afterwards, they were born as animals. Each of them ate children of the other. The mother at that time is the present she-devil. The woman who poisoned the other is presently a human. This time, the she-devil ate two children. When she was about to eat the third one the mother came to Jetawanaramaya. When the Lord Buddha was relating the story of previous birth the she-devil wept. The mother also wept. How far does the hatred arising in a mind go? It follows from birth to birth as a habit. Hatred is that much dangerous. According to how one nurtures hatred, individuals meet each other as humans, animals or Petas. They take vengeance and suffer continuously without finding an end to it. Therefore dear children, hatred is not quenched by hatred. This is an eternal truth. Similarly, the fact that hatred is quenched by not hating is also an eternal truth. It is noble not to hate. Peace arrives from it. Best antidote for hatred Spreading loving kindness is the best thing to be done if anger arises. Because of the kindly thought, the anger goes away. Even if one tries to spread loving kindness, sometimes hate might come to the surface. If that happens, what has to be done is to sympathize with the individual. Hatred will disappear because of sympathy. When one tries to be sympathetic it is possible for the cause for hate to surface again and again. In that case, one must treat the other person with equanimity. That is one must say to oneself “there is no point in keep thinking about this person. It is better for us to mind our own businesses.” The mind then becomes neutral. Then also hatred ceases. In some instances, hatred does not cease even with equanimity. What should then be done is to avoid thinking of the fact which causes hatred. One must think of something else. When one thinks of something over and over other than the person who is the cause of hatred it will vanish. Even then, this hatred may still exist. In such a case, one must think “Everyone inherits only what he or she performs willfully. This person also has not escaped from it. This person also has a life, which depends on his karma. His birth place is karma. His heritage is karma. If he performs a good karma, he will reap good effects. A bad karma will produce bad results. Only that will be his inheritance.” Thinking in this manner, the hatred should be got rid of completely. Contemplate how one gets from sorrowful experience to another due to hate. One must develop fear for the dangerous effects of hate. One must think of the happiness that could be gained by getting rid of hate. Then hatred will leave your mind like a dangerous animal dying due to lack of food. by Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero.

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