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The Sacrifice of Vessantara
Sep 15, 2015 Views382
The lineage of the Sivis is best known for its charity and sacrifices in the Indian
Silava Elephant
Sep 14, 2015 Views381
Once the Bodhisatta was born as an elephant in a Himalayan forest. He was white like
The Story of Chaddanta Elephant
Sep 12, 2015 Views382
Once the Bodhisatta was born as the king of Chaddanta elephants. [Chaddanta (literally
The Virtue of Forbearance
Sep 11, 2015 Views381
Once when a debauch king Kalabu reigned Varanasi, the Bodhisatta was born in the
The Happy Man
Sep 10, 2015 Views382
Once, there lived a hermit with his five hundred disciples in the Himalayan
The Spiritual Journey of Janapada Kalyani
Sep 09, 2015 Views381
When all hopes of Nanda’s return withered away, Janapada Kalyani gradually recovered
The Story of Ruru Deer
Sep 08, 2015 Views381
Once upon a time there lived a deer in a dense forest. He was called Ruru. He had a
Maha Maya’s Dream
Sep 07, 2015 Views381
The name of the mother of Gotama was Maya, often called Mahamaya. She was the daughter
The Hare on the Moon
Sep 03, 2015 Views381
Once dwelling in Savatthi, the Buddha extolled the virtue of charity by way of the
The Sacrifice of Sivi
Sep 02, 2015 Views381
Once Bodhisatta was born in Aritthapura as a king with the name Sivi. He was a pious king
The King, Who Knew The Language Of Animals
Sep 01, 2015 Views381
Once a king saw some young boys pelting stones on a Naga serpent. He prevented the
Mahilaimukha Elephant
Aug 31, 2015 Views381
Once there lived an elephant called Mahilamukha in a royal stall. He was gentle,
The Feast of the Dead
Aug 28, 2015 Views382
Once a brahmin priest decided to sacrifice a goat on the occasion of the Feast of the
The Savatthi Miracles
Aug 27, 2015 Views381
Narratives on miracles are integrated with the Buddha’s life and legends ever since he
Story of Mara
Aug 26, 2015 Views382
Mara in the Buddhist tradition is believed to be the personification of Death; the Evil
Aug 25, 2015 Views381
Pali tradition believes that every Buddha was offered milk-rice from some maiden just
The Jewelled Serpent
Aug 24, 2015 Views382
Aggrieved by the death of their parents the two brothers took to the life of ascetics
The Baveru Island
Aug 22, 2015 Views381
Once the merchants of Varanasi went to the Baveru Island. They carried a crow with
The Heart of tOnce, there lived a big and strong monkey on the bank of a river. In the middle of the he Monkey
Aug 21, 2015 Views382
Once, there lived a big and strong monkey on the bank of a river. In the middle of the
The Lotus Stalk
Aug 20, 2015 Views381
Once the Bodhisatta was born in an illustrious family of scholars. He had six

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