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Contemplating the Great Qualities of the Supreme Buddha
Oct 10, 2015 Views381
My great teacher, the Supreme Buddha, eluded from all defilements.
For the Preservation of the Order of the Gautama Buddha…
Oct 09, 2015 Views381
The rise of the most beautiful and fragrant flower of the entire human and all deity
The Remarkable Figure that Exhibited the Merits of Past Lives of the Gautama Supreme Buddha
Oct 08, 2015 Views381
Propaganda about the Buddha (a Buddha Kōlahalaya) was spread throughout the world
The Envoy of Belly
Oct 07, 2015 Views381
Once, the prince of Varanasi went to Taxila for his education and training. Upon his
Can A Fool Ever Act Good!
Oct 06, 2015 Views381
Once, the people of Varanasi were holidaying on a religious day. The king’s gardener,
Oct 05, 2015 Views381
Nanda was the step-brother of the Buddha; and his mother was the younger sister of
The Flying Buddha
Oct 03, 2015 Views381
On the fifth year of his Enlightenment, when the Buddha was dwelling in Kutagarasala in
Story of Renunciation
Oct 02, 2015 Views381
The birth; old age; sickness and death are the stark realities of life. Prince Gotama
Birth Story of Gotama
Oct 01, 2015 Views381
Gotama Buddha is considered as the twenty-fourth Buddha.
ankhapala: The Naga King
Sep 30, 2015 Views381
Once the Bodhisatta was born as a prince of Rajagaha (modern Rajgir, Bihar) having the
The Temptation of Isisanga
Sep 29, 2015 Views381
Once upon a time there lived a young man in an erudite family. He was well-versed in
Nalgiri Elephant
Sep 28, 2015 Views381
Devadatta, the son of Suppabuddha, the maternal uncle of the Buddha, was jealous of
The Story of Great Monkey
Sep 25, 2015 Views381
The Himalayas are always known for their varieties of flora and fauna. Furthermore,
The Virtue of Forbearance
Sep 23, 2015 Views381
Once when a debauch king Kalabu reigned Varanasi, the Bodhisatta was born in the
The Giant Crab
Sep 22, 2015 Views381
Once, a giant crab lived in a Himalayan lake. He was so large that it caught and
The Story of a Tigeress
Sep 21, 2015 Views381
Once, the Bodhisatta was born in a respectable family of the scholars; and
The Spiritual Journey of Janapada Kalyani
Sep 19, 2015 Views381
When all hopes of Nanda’s return withered away, Janapada Kalyani gradually recovered
Phussa Buddha
Sep 18, 2015 Views381
Phussa, the eighteenth of the twenty-four Buddhas, was born in Sirima-uyyana in Kashi.
Story of Kumara Kassapa
Sep 17, 2015 Views381
Buddha’s fondness for children is well reflected by his care and attention as is
098 - Sikhi Buddha Introduction | Glossary | Bibliography
Sep 16, 2015 Views381
Sikhi Buddha is the twentieth Buddha as known in the Pali tradition. The name of his

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