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The Supreme Buddhas’ Great Compassion
Apr 01, 2016 Views381
Compassion’ is the kindness that is generated within one’s mind toward others’
Pleasing the mind
Mar 31, 2016 Views397
Dear devotees and children, The mind is the root for everything. It is the foremost. Therefore, all the merits and
Let us stand up by self-effort
Mar 30, 2016 Views391
Most people in the world don’t have a correct idea about their skills. In fact, it
Be a disciple with dignity
Mar 29, 2016 Views380
The disciples of the Supreme Buddha are divided into two main categories: laity and
A girl in the (Vedi) group attains the Nibbana
Mar 28, 2016 Views385
There was a forest near city Vangahāra. It was through this forest one can go to a
The Path for the Ultimate Consolation
Mar 26, 2016 Views379
The Wesak full moon rises driving the darkness away in the surrounding areas. It
For the Preservation of the Order of the Gautama Buddha…
Mar 25, 2016 Views383
The rise of the most beautiful and fragrant flower of the entire human and all deity
Pleasure and Happiness are Present Where Enmity is Absent
Mar 24, 2016 Views382
Various planes of existence of beings are present even though we cannot see most of
Do not be afraid of merit
Mar 23, 2016 Views379
Namo Buddhaya! Dear Devotees, we are going to learn a discourse of the Supreme Buddha. The name of
The Arahants who attained the Nibbana
Mar 21, 2016 Views396
It is a pleasant thing even just to hear the name ‘Arahant (a disciple of the Supreme
The fearless voice of the Supreme Buddhas
Mar 14, 2016 Views386
All beings in the world are in an interminable journey in the Samsara because
Be diligent by contemplating the impermanence of this life
Mar 12, 2016 Views381
Devotees and children, we go to schools, learn something, and find jobs in our lives.
A special short story for Wesak Poya
Mar 11, 2016 Views381
Bhikkhu Sumohita who was born in a divine world
The Buddha with Ten Extraordinary Powers
Mar 10, 2016 Views378
We have received many things in this human world. Meanwhile, we were also able to hear
uqyqog .idf.k hk orl|la‌ fia
Mar 09, 2016 Views382
iïud ÈÜ‌Àh ksjkgu keUqre jkafkah mQcH ue,aisßmqr Oïul=i, ysñ
wd¾h ksfla;kh" lkaksuyr)j;=re.u'
The Path for the Ultimate Consolation
Mar 09, 2016 Views377
Namō Tassa Bhagavatō Arahatō Sammā Sambuddhassa!!!
Merits that bring you joy…
Mar 08, 2016 Views378
“Māwamaññētha puññassa na man tan āgamissati Udabindu nipātēna udakumbhōpi poorati Poorati dhiiro puññassa thōka thōkampi
wldreKslhdg lsisjl=;a m%sh ke;'''
Mar 07, 2016 Views380
iq.;a ùriQßh .sïydkfha Wodj;a iu.u nrKeiska mek m,df.dia‌ È.= l,la‌ ;sia‌fia ieÛj isá jika;h
Be diligent by contemplating the impermanence of this life
Mar 07, 2016 Views380
Devotees and children, we go to schools, learn something, and find jobs in our lives.
We Freed from the Most Fearsome Terrorism of the World
Mar 04, 2016 Views382
History of mankind is filled with wars. Terrorism is the most dangerous item that has been recently added to it. Although

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